Excuses for Work Absence: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For instance, you work as a VPN software engineer in the remote mode. Having a lot of tasks to be completed you might startwatching Netflix with VPNexplaining it with its direct relation to your daily duties.

Here are the best excuses to use and how you might be able to tell them to your employer. And with the COVID-19 pandemic reasons to call out of work presents new opportunities for excuses. It’s advised not to use the pandemic as an opportunity for a work excuse.

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If you’re going to miss any scheduled work, it’s best to use the right approach. First, you need to choose the proper contact method. In some cases, what you need to do is outlined in the employee handbook. When it comes to coming in late or leaving early, there’s a bit more wiggle room . The emergency situations listed above all have varying degrees of seriousness and may require different amounts of time off. For instance, if you are dealing with the death of a loved one, you will need more time off work than if you are dealing with a burst water pipe.

valid reasons to call out of work

It’s important to work hard and catch up on any projects that may have been delayed during your absence. This will show your manager that you are still committed to your job. People typically have very little energy after donating blood. Therefore, it’s one of the best excuses to leave work early. Managers won’t typically ask any follow-up questions, but if they do, feel free to make them uncomfortable with the dirty details.

Are there excuses to avoid when calling into work?

The changes wrought by the remote work revolution have in many ways improved employee performance. An excuse like that comes off as lazy, because everyone gets tired from time to time. Suddenly, you cast some doubt over the validity of your past stories. Before long, managers will start to think that you’re unreliable or untrustworthy. Explain your situation and why it’s necessary for you to miss work. Moving likely isn’t something that you do regularly, but it’s a monumental task everyone has to go through at some point. If the problem is something that won’t go away in a day or two, though, your boss might ask you to start working from a cafe, coworking space, or a friend’s house.

What are believable sick day excuses?

The survey found that flu is the most widely accepted excuse for staying home, although just about 42 percent of bosses thought it was necessary to do so. Next up were back pains, accident-related injuries, and stress. These are the top 10 reasons for calling in sick, in order from most acceptable to least.

It all comes down to whether it’s inevitable to miss work and the impact on your career. If you have genuine reasons why you can’t make it to the workplace, then it’s not a bad thing, and you shouldn’t avoid the conversation and prolong the process. If you give excuses for missing work often, however, your boss may get fed up with your reasons if they’re not genuine. While this isn’t always a solid option for calling into work last minute, some companies do understand that employees may need the occasional mental health day.

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