Caring for Your Skin at Home

Now that we’re all spending so much time at home with limited access to salon and spa services, I think it’s the perfect time to talk skincare! I really enjoy taking the time to give myself an at-home facial to not only refresh my skin, but my spirit. It’s a great way to squeak in […]

How to Air Dry for Beautifully Defined, Frizz-Free Curls

The summertime heat and humidity can be a tricky time for frizz, but it’s also the perfect time to embrace the carefree maintenance of curly hair extensions since you can let them air dry. Heat-free, hands-off, gorgeous—sign me up. Here are a few tips to help maintain those curly dos.   Washing Not every shampoo […]

How to Wash Your Wig or Extensions

It’s wash day. (Sad face.) We know, we dread wash day too, but hopefully this post will help you take some of the guesswork out of caring for your wig and simplify your wash day routine. You can also use the same steps to wash your hair extensions (just skip step 2).   Step 1: […]