Indian Hair Origins

Hair is collected from temples. Hair is donated to temples as a religious sacrifice from women in India. The temples then, auction off their tresses to varies vendors in India where they prepare the hair for resale.


In this video, you can see the process.
They begin by hackling the hair. This is the process where they use a fine tooth brush and comb the hair through the hackle, removing short hairs and tangles.


The hair is then prepared for weaving. The hair in this video is bring put on weft (also known as a track). The hair is weighed so that each bundle is 3.5oz and then trimmed making it easier for the sowing process to begin. The hair is then sewed using a triple head sewing machine, this process reinforces the weft which helps to reduce the shedding.


After hair is weft, it is sent through quality control where they check for grey hairs.


Our frontal and closure process is more tedious. Each hair is hand tied in the tiny lace holes in the closure or frontal. Hand tying ensures the best quality and machines can punch holes too big that would make shedding easier.


The hair is then washed, conditioned and steam dried as a process to sanitize the hair before shipping.